LOOK: Trouble Lights “Grey” Official Music Video + CELEBRATION: the Wheelers Turn 10

February 4, 2014

Last week, Little Village Magazine debuted the brand new music video for Trouble Lights’ song “Grey” from The Endless Prom. It is phenomenal. Watch it above. Buy the album. Then go looking for Trouble at Mission Creek this spring.

the Wheelers Turn Ten

In other news, our hardest rockin’ band, the Wheelers, just turned ten years old. We’re proud that they let us put our logo on their amazing record. Wish them happy birthday by buying a copy.

LOOK: Trouble Lights Music Video Teaser + LIVE: Maximum Ames Artists Around the Midwest This Weekend + LISTEN: Free Music From Christopher the Conquered

January 23, 2014

Trouble Lights have just been added to the lineup of Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City (get passes here), so to celebrate they’re releasing a new music video next Tuesday, January 28th. We’ve got the teaser trailer above. Don’t close your eyes.

In other news, a bunch of our artists will be performing around the Midwest this weekend. Here’s the scoop:

Last news of the day: Christopher the Conquered is going to be releasing loads of previously unreleased material over the course of the coming year (live recordings, radio performances, demos, etc.). It’ll be available for stream with some tracks for purchase over on his Bandcamp page, but you can get access to download all of the tracks for free as they’re released if you sign up for his email newsletter, which you can do by clicking right here. While you’re at it, you might as well sign up for our newsletter, too! You might win something free. You will definitely get to hear new releases in advance.



LOOK: New Music Videos from Gloom Balloon and H.D. Harmsen

January 16, 2014

Magnet Magazine just debuted a brand new music video for Gloom Balloon‘s “Fix the Sunshine” over on their website as part of their Film at 11 series. The creator is Ben Godar, whose work you can check out right here. “Fix the Sunshine” is featured on Gloom Balloon’s debut LP, available here for purchase (it’s worth the sad leaves, trust us).

There’s also this new video for H.D. Harmsen‘s “I Still Believe In You”, from his 2013 debut LP Papoose. Music Defined premiered this last week. Grab the record here.

Can you spot the similarity between the two videos?