LOOK: Live Video of New Mumford’s Song + LISTEN: Mumford’s on Daytrotter + SHOP: Gloom Balloon Album Release Poster

January 5, 2014

Mumford’s has a rockin’ new jam called “The Occupier”. They played it in November at Little Big Fest in Des Moines. Check out the video of the performance above, shot by Des Moines Live Photography.

Mumford's Daytrotter

The band also recently recorded a session over at Daytrotter, playing songs from Immediate Family (which you should buy right now right here) as well as another new song called “Newspaper Man”. Head over to Daytrotter’s site to hear the session.

Gloom Balloon Poster
Last deal of the day, folks: There’s a brand new Gloom Balloon poster made by Starman Press. It’s big and beautiful and screen printed on rad paper and all that. Click here to buy one of the few remaining copies.


Peace In. MA

LIVE: Maximum Ames New Year’s Eve Shows + LOOK: Christopher the Conquered Sings for the Last Time

December 29, 2013

Christopher the Conquered wraps up his year-long series of covers with a medley of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “A Whole New World”. We think it’s worth watching, especially since it’s the last video! Watch the rest of the series here.

Trouble Lights

In other news, it’s just about New Year’s Eve, which means loads of rad shows. Here’re the deets on when/where you can catch your fave Max Ames artists for the party:

LOOK: New Music Videos from Gloom Balloon & Mumford’s + Christopher the Conquered Sings “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”

December 22, 2013

There’s been loads of love coming in for the new albums by Gloom Balloon and Mumford’s, so after you watch the music videos for tracks for those albums, be sure to get them for yourself now (it’s Christmas, after all) in our Shop.




Order the Gloom Balloon record here, the Mumford’s record here, and catch up on Christopher’s covers series here.