Gloom Balloon – You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Disaster/Fix The Sunshine Pts. 1-7 (An Ode To Bill Doss)

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Artist: Gloom Balloon; Album: You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Disaster/Fix the Sunshine Pts. 1-7 (An Ode to Bill Doss)

Release Date: 12/03/2013
Formats: 12″/CD/DL

Side A of Gloom Balloon’s  debut LP, You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Disaster/Fix The Sunshine Pts. 1-7 (An Ode To Bill Doss), features songs written on the verge of suicide, elliptically examining emotions in a wonderfully melancholy song cycle. Featuring the Finezza Quartetto, each song shifts through familiar and forgotten sounds into colorful and unpredictable combinations. Side B (Fix The Sunshine) is dedicated entirely to Bill Doss, whose voice you hear on track one. The side is a sonic kaleidoscope of styles exploring experimental soundscapes, electronic beats, and straight up psych-pop. Gloom Balloon is talking directly to Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss of The Olivia Tremor Control when he sings: “All the children in the world are one day going to die, so Will, You, and I.”





Click here to learn more about the 7″ single, She Was The One That Got Away, that can be purchased with this album at a discount.

Gloom Balloon is the debut solo project by Patrick Tape Fleming, the founder of the indie rock band The Poison Control Center. That band has played over 1,000 shows, released 3 critically acclaimed records, opened for Jeff Mangum, Pavement, and Of Montreal, toured with Apples In Stereo, and was named 2011 Live Act of the Year by Steven Hyden at the AV Club.

After a 13 month tour the band decided to go into hibernation. This left Tape Fleming alone in a deep depression with no artistic outlet, so he began painting. He called his first piece Gloom Balloon. This 6-foot tall painting is indicative of his emotional and mental state at the time. It was on the cusp of committing suicide that Gloom Balloon learned of the death of his musical hero, Bill Doss of The Olivia Tremor Control. In that moment, Gloom Balloon decided to live.

Translating abstract explorations on canvas into music, Gloom Balloon has created a harrowing set of unflinchingly personal songs. Enlisting co-producer Christopher Ford (Christopher the Conquered) and string arranger H.D. Harmsen,  the music mixes classical instruments with modern electronics.


    1. The Face
    2. Some Place To Land
    3. Gloom Balloon
    4. You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Disaster
    5. A California Demise, Through Bloodshot Eyes
    6. Will C., You, Cut Me Like A Matisse
    7. Chanteuse Raison d’etre
    8. Goodbye Wren
    9. Summer Buzz and Summer Fervor
    10. Macy’s Momentum is Gaining
    11. Fix the Sunshine

Read an interview with Patrick for Impose Magazine.

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“Gloom Balloon is energizing, hilarious, heartbreaking, depressing, and sometimes it’s all of those things at the exact same instant. Gloom Balloon physically or emotionally grabs you by the head; there can be no doubt that Fleming will continue to be one of the best lyricists and one of the best performers you’ll ever see.”

Gloom Balloon is the soundtrack to “coming back from the clutches to a confetti reception.”

“Wild stuff that sounds like a subway ride through some fantastical underground that grown ups might mistake for a highway to hell but those in the know will smirk and differ. Blessedly, faux hipsters won’t get it, leaving it to be enjoyed by bleeding edge tastes that know the score.”

“One of the best records I’ve heard all year. […] Albums like this don’t come around every day, and we need to cherish them when they do.” – Josh Terzino, (#6 Top Album of 2013)

“[…] you somehow understand both the instrumentals and the lyrics better because of their intricacies and occasional dichotomies. You get the joy and sadness of both mixed beautifully.” – David Murphy,

“Fleming creates songs that resonant with a classical tint while also employing a more modern electronic approach — acoustic guitars sit side-saddle with hip hop beats and sax runs meld together with fractured spoken word narratives.” – Beats Per Minute

“[…] contrast is what makes the words seem so poignant, or maybe that the music is escapism while the lyrics are anything but. Regardless, the album is worth it for fans of PCC, Olivia Tremor Control, Bill Doss, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, or any honest music of the past fifty years.” – 77/100,

“Gloom Balloon recall both the pop and experimental aspects of Olivia Tremor Control while adding their own spin.” – 4/5 Headphones, The Firenote

“Glistening” – Bob Nastanovich, Pavement

You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Disaster as well as its counterpart 7” She Was The One That Got Away sound like sad lonely teenage symphonies to a solemn pop god filled with broken hearts, strings and drum machines.” – Edward Bignar, Rid of Me

#5 Album of the Year & #3 Track of the Year – Des Moines Is Not Boring

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