H.D. Harmsen: Photos + Reviews + Listening Party + Release Show + Huffington Post Video Debut

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H.D. Harmsen & The Electrophones

Hell yes. It’s getting real. The above photo is of H.D. Harmsen with The Electrophones, performing last weekend in Des Moines. Much love to Dan Hodges of Cityview for the beautiful work; click here to see more shots! They’ll make you want to take some shots!

We also have two reviews in of H.D. Harmsen and his new album Papoose, one from Chad Taylor of Cityview (who we love dearly), ¬†who writes that Papoose falls into the category of “really good, really interesting music”. We agree wholeheartedly. The second review is just from awesome Twitterer @SchmitzCory who says “Wow. @HDHarmsen is the real fucking deal.” Newspapers, are you paying attention?! You need to hire this guy.

Ok, moving on. Harmsen is going to be sharing his full record at a listening party at Mars Cafe in Des Moines on April 25th. All the deets are right here.

And while that listening party will be mind-blowing, the release show will be straight up gourd-blasting. Harmsen will be joined by Max Ames friends Derek Lambert and Gloom Balloon for a special celebration and full performance on Saturday, April 27th at Vaudeville Mews. Full info right here, y’all.

Two last things:

1) You still have time to pre-order the record and get a free copy of H.D. Harmsen’s split 7″ with Mumford’s. Click here and get in on the action!

2) The video for the song “Teetotaler” from Papoose will debut tomorrow on Huffington Post. Listen to the song right now and get totally amped.

Much Love,

-the MA Gang



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