Trouble Lights – The Endless Prom

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Release Date: 09/25/2012
Formats: LP/CD/DL

The debut LP from Trouble Lights expands Iowa’s musical character in ways like no one has ever heard. Singer Adrien Daller’s voice reflects the inner spirit of the creature that is Trouble Lights, backed by brain-bump inducing top-notch production by Philip Rabalais. Leaping from the shoulders of Robyn, Björk, The Knife, and other electro-pop greats, Trouble Lights straight up leaves this galaxy with The Endless Prom.



The music video for “Safe With Me”, from The Endless Prom.




  1. Truu Love
  2. Call You Up
  3. Hunting
  4. Fire Night
  5. Safe With Me
  6. \\\///
  7. Ride This Horse
  8. Ready
  9. Grey

Adrien Daller grew up singing the blues with her dad, a pianist from 13 mile road in Detroit. In 2004 she moved to England and ended up singing jazz and musical theater professionally over there for five years. She even sang “God Save the Queen” to the actual Queen. She then got deported (long story) and moved back to Iowa where she started writing her own music with her pal Philip Rabalais, who has performed for years with his brother as Utopia Park. It turns out they shared an affinity for electro-pop dance music. Serious magic.

Maximum Ames Records is so insanely amped to finally give you what you’ve been waiting for: The Endless Prom.

Each LP, produced on high quality virgin vinyl, also comes with a unique download code for a free digital version of the album. Why? Because we love you.

Both the LP and CD come in beautifully crafted packages, designed by Fairfield artists Camille Morehead and Hilary Nelson.

You can also order a digital copy if that’s the way you like it. A unique download code will be sent to your email address, giving you access to 3 downloads of the album.


” Trouble Lights are an anomaly, sporting a punch of straight-forward, Top 40 pop music from a little town called Fairfield, surrounded by Iowa corn on all sides. […] you are in for an experience because they don’t just play their music, they perform it.” – Tiny Mixtapes

“…the genius of Trouble Lights’ music is how it uses regression as a shifting framework, letting the artist appear to regress and therefore allowing the audience to simply enjoy the music.” - Max Johnson, KRUI

“As a pop album, The Endless Prom soars.” - Chad Taylor, Cityview

“Do not let location fool you […] Iowa’s latest sound machine [Trouble Lights makes] brilliant electronic pop music.” - Salvatore Bono, Officially A Yuppie

The Endless Prom is an extremely confident work […] Philip Rabalais is making massive, labyrinthine beats that reveal more and more with each listen as well as get asses shaking. Seriously – the guy is making beats that would make so-called professional producers absolutely green with envy.” - Jeremy Hoffman, The Milk Carton

“The voice of Adrien Daller, in conjunction with the hard hitting production of Philip Rabalais, finds a perfect marriage on this disc; it lives, it pulsates, it is alive and vibrant.” -guthoerenistwichtig

“Trouble Lights have given popular music back to the people, and it feels damn good.” - Ezgi Ustundag, Ames Progressive


The record comes with a download card packaged in it! You’ll use this to access your digital version. Thank you!

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