Mumford’s – Triple Trinities

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Release Date: 07/05/2011
Formats: LP/CD/DL

Triple Trinities is the second full length record from Mumford’s. The album uses a variety of musical styles, and diverse instrumentation, to explore strange religious themes. The comic and psychedelic possibilities of religious imagery shape a bizarre musical drama that Mumford’s channels for the listener. Three times Three times Three, Ames-Amen.

Each LP, produced on 150 gram virgin vinyl, also comes with a unique download code for a free digital version of the album. Why? Because we love you.

You can also order a digital copy if that’s the way you like it. A unique download code will be sent to your email address, giving you access to 3 downloads of the album.


You can download “Church Song” and “Father in the Sky” by clicking here.


Reviews of Triple Trinities:

“Mumford’s have created a work that’s thought-provoking, entertaining and worthy of (artistic, if not theological) debate.”
-Chad Taylor,

“[Triple Trinities] preserves the world-ending paranoia of The Thermals’ The Body, The Blood, The Machine. Yet it also holds on to the upbeat mythologizing of Page France’s Hello, Dear Wind. Most significantly, it recalls the real flesh and blood human tragedy of Leonard Cohen’s best work, all of its sincere, wide-eyed struggle against the darkness, all of its laughing in the face of that very same darkness.”
-Max Johnson, KRUI Radio

“[Triple Trinities] tells an overarching story about a person’s struggle to know exactly what is, or isn’t, out there. It uses cynicism, logic, sarcasm, faith and hope to get you to think about the topic at hand and allow you to form your own opinion. Not once judging and always making you think.”
-Dave Murphy,


The record comes with a download card packaged in it! You’ll use this to access your digital version. Thank you!

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