MA Update: Livin’ The Live Life, Fall Releases, A Farewell, Nowhere Comp, and Loads More!

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Greetings, Maximum Ames followers! It’s sure been a busy week over here…so busy we asked Patrick from The Poison Control Center to sum up everything that happened for us! Take it away, Pat! –

“Experiencing live music has an energy of synthesis to it. It is a sensation that words fail to describe adequately. Performers connect spiritually with each other and their audience. The music is a shared experience, and even though each of us has our own perceptions and reactions to what is performed, there is no question that live music brings with it an intangible energy that you can’t get anywhere else.

This past weekend that energy was in full bloom whether you caught Derek Lambert and the Prarie Fires at Wooly’s, the Poison Control Center on a flatbed truck on a Des Moines street, our friend Max Wellman in a beautiful theater, or sipped wine at the Prairie Moon Winery watching Mumford’s and Christopher the Conquered. It was an intensely memorable weekend of music and we hope you got to experience some of it.

Here is a little sneak peak of the end of our Maximum Ames Records showcase at Wooly’s on July 20th featuring the Poison Control Center. Derek Lambert joined PCC on stage and he some how morphed into a guy who looks like Dark Helmet from Space Balls? Evidence is below.

And here’s a rad video (by Cody Osen of Des Moines Live) of Christopher the Conquered leading the audience at Wooly’s in the singing of Lesbian Poetry’s “Do You Believe In Angels?”

And lots more photos here!

There is an unexplainable energy to our music scene and it’s so exciting to be a part of it. We are pumped to announce that our upcoming fall releases will be here before you know it. H.D. Harmsen’s Papoose, Mumford’s Immediate Family, and Trouble Lights’ Endless Prom will surely change the face of Iowa music forever.

Speaking of changing the face of Iowa music forever, we are excited to be a part of the Iowa State Fair this year! The Maximum Ames All-Stars will be performing at 11am on August 19th, on the Budweiser Stage sponsored by ABC5. It’s the same stage that WAR will be performing on that night for free. Which reminds me I have had dreams of Mumford’s covering, WAR’s classic, Low Rider. That would be mind blowing!

For purposes of cranial combustion, we are stoked to announce one of the most legendary music publications out there will be debuting a new Christopher the Conquered video on Aug 7th. Stay tuned!

Anyway, if you’re reading this from Europe, you still have a week’s worth of shows on the latest tour by the amazing Blues Pills, whose new 7″ just received this amazing review. Check out the shows page for all upcoming intangible energy by Maximum Ames artists.

Also a quick reminder to get your Maximum Ames Music Festival tickets! More artists will be announced soon, if the already announced indie rock legends and a Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer aren’t enough for you! Get your tickets here!

James Doxon Brandon Ruschill

And finally, I want to say a quick thanks and good luck to some of the coolest people we know. Mumford’s drummer James Doxson and Christopher the Conquered’s drummer Brandon Ruschill will be moving on to different parts of our country bringing with them the power and spirit of the magical music they have made with the us! Good luck guys, you will be missed.”

Wow! Thanks, Pat! One other awesome thing: Workerbee Records just released an amazingly rad compilation with lots of unreleased gems from cool artists, including The Poison Control Center, Christopher the Conquered, Mumford’s, Mantis Pincers, and Neon Lushell! Take a listen below, then buy it right here at whatever price you want!

Seriously, this is the last thing: One of the MA crew has suffered a tragedy! Dale Johnson’s apartment building burned up big time and while insurance is covering his losses, many other residents and friends are not so lucky. Dale has organized an awesome show with lots of rad bands to be held in Ames at The Space on August 10th to raise money to donate to the Red Cross, which has helped all those unfortunate individuals out! Check the details and live some real peace.

Much Love & Keep It Alive!

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