MA Update: Blues Pills Drops Today, PCC & Sonic Harvest Available Digitally, 80/35 Music Fest This Weekend, Tons Of Rad Amazingness

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That’s all there is to it, folks. Order your copy now and get a free button featuring the amazing album art! If you are in Iowa, the record will also be available in Des Moines at ZZZ Records, in Ames at Vinyl Cafe, and very soon in Iowa City at Record Collector. We hope that makes ya happy!

This Blues Pills record is just one way we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary! We’ve also just made The Poison Control Center’s A Nice Old-Fashioned Romance With Love Lyrics & Everything and the Sonic Harvest compilation (which was recently noted on Indie Moines as one of the best records of 2012 so far!) available as digital albums, which you can buy right now in our shop!

The thing coming up that we are most excited about is the 80/35 Music Festival, which is an amazing annual fest that happens in downtown Des Moines. The best thing about it is that tons of Iowa bands that we love get to play with some big national acts that come and grace our home state with their tunes! Totally awesome. This year, we’re psyched that our artists Mumford’s, Christopher the Conquered, Leslie & the LY’s, and Derek Lambert & the Prairie Fires will be playing at the fest! Plus: The Poison Control Center will be playing a free after-party at the Vaudeville Mews on Saturday night after the fest ends! We’re also putting on a free party on Friday night, too! Check it:

So you basically have to go to this festival, ok? If you aren’t convinced, check out this great video preview of all the Iowa bands playing…see you there.

While we’re talking about our bands (which we do a lot of, we know), we gotta share two really rad things with you. First, this new review of Christopher the Conquered’s The Fate Of A Good Man, this time from the very cool Max Johnson over at Iowa City’s KRUI, who calls it “something brilliant and beautiful that has been criminally overlooked.” We agree it’s great, and hope it’s not too overlooked (actually, Music Defined noted the album as one of the tops of 2012 so far right here, so it ain’t doin’ too bad)!

Second, this session Mumford’s did with Violitionist, which is a really great audio blog outta Denton, Texas. They recorded this while on tour this spring, and now y’all can hear it! Listen!

A few other little things we want to mention…

  • Mumford’s is going to be hitting the road this fall, touring the U.S. with Japanese band The Depaysement. Stay tuned for dates!
  • Our office needs a new turntable and speakers! If anyone wants to donate either so we can rock records in jubilation, let us know!
  • Christopher the Conquered just played a full live set for Iowa Public Radio’s Night Music last week (hope ya heard it) and will be performing this Thursday morning around 8 AM on Great Day with Lou & Heather on KCWI 23 in the Des Moines area! Tune in on your tube with your breakfast!
  • We’re hosting an amazing free show at Wooly’s in Des Moines on July 20th, featuring The Poison Control Center, Mumford’s, Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires, and Christopher the Conquered. It’s FREE!
  • Tickets for our 2nd annual Maximum Ames Music Festival go on sale on July 12th, and the first line-up announcement is on July 16th! We’re not kidding around this year. It’s gonna be ridiculous. Iowa will rejoice.

Ok, we’re super hustlin’ these days, and you probably are as well, so we’re gonna bust out and let you celebrate freedom! We’ll leave you with this amazing piece on why Iowa music is amazing right now, by Dave Murphy over at Des Moines Is Not Boring.

Much Love,
the MA Crew

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