MA Update: CtC release out this week, Gross Domestic Product and Aquapalooza wrap up

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After months of anticipation, we’re very excited that this week marks the official release of Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band Decide… The Fate Of A Good Man. AOL Music is featuring the record this week by letting y’all listen to the entire thing on their website, right here!

So far, we’ve had some great reactions from those that have heard the album already, and we’re ecstatic to release this behemoth of a horn-laden orgasm to the masses. At the release shows this weekend in Ames and Des Moines, the album was literally flying off the shelves in some sort of David Lynch alternate reality where records resist the forces of gravity and levitate throughout the room, sometimes attacking innocent bystanders, for which we give our most sincere apologies. We blame Trouble Lights for that. But anyway, we sold a lot of records.

Already, proving yet again that central Iowa is not the bromidic portrait of insipid life, Des Moines is Not Boring’s Dave Murphy has given “Fate of a Good Man” a glowing review, with generous words like,

“CTC are hardly just old fashioned musicians. They are classic performers and entertainers. Chris’ vocal range is impressive, as his tenor warble is rarely off-pitch on accident. But it isn’t just his singing, it is how he chooses to sing. His inflection and the pauses and vibrato are all done with purpose and hit at the exact right time. The horns are highlighted in just the right way, with the trumpet featured as the rhythm instrument on occasion, the trombone at others, and the sweet sounds of saxophone getting its due with the occasional solo.’

And if that wasn’t kind enough, CityView’s Chad Taylor called the album “a triumph” and “one of the best things you’ll hear this year,” and we totally agree. Unless Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles and Sly Stone get together and make an album. That would probably be the best album you’ve ever heard. He also gave Mumford’s Triple Trinities a fantastic review, noting it for being “thought-provoking, entertaining and worthy of (artistic, if not theological) debate.” While we’re on the topic of rave reviews for Mumford’s, check out this great review of their split 7″ with The Wheelers, in which you’ll be told that “you’ve never heard anything like this before.”

If you weren’t one of the amazing people that pre-ordered the record or picked it up at the release show at the Maintenance Shop on Friday or Gross Domestic Product on Saturday, there’s nothing to fear. You can order your own copy here on our website or pick one up at Vinyl Cafe in Ames, ZZZ Records, Raygun, Mars Cafe in Des Moines, and Record Collector in Iowa City. You can even hear the album on Spotify or pick it up on either Amazon or iTunes, depending on which tablet ideology suits your desire.

We’ve been having a great week here at Maximum Ames, and we were delighted to see such an amazing turnout for CtC‘s release show at the M-Shop. It was a remarkable night, and we were so happy to share such an intimate evening with so many people from the scene. The always amazing Brooks Strause graced the stage along with Sean Huston, making the night an incredibly memorable one for all of us at Maximum Ames. Here’s a beautiful photo from the evening, taken by our good friend and always vigilant photographer Tony Galloro.

The next evening, several Maximum Ames artists and local favorites took the stage at Gross Domestic Product, a showcase of Iowa’s best talent featuring 10 stellar bands, and put on one of the most memorable performances to date.

This was a show that transcended the expectations of everyone in attendance, and lead up to one of the most heart warming and personal performances by CtC yet. If you missed out, don’t worry! We took some pictures.

We were also honored this week when Des Moines’ Juice Magazine awarded CtC a Mixie for Buzz Band and to Maximum Ames for the Maximum Ames Music Festival. (We hear they’ve announced dates for the next festival, so you better head over to Ames247 to get in the know.) Some great friends of Maximum Ames also took home some awards, including the seductive Ladysoal and Sonic Harvest, which is available for purchase through Maximum Ames.

In other news, you should check out Ames High Twist’s YouTube page for a ton of great videos from Aquapalooza, an event to support clean water efforts in Uganda featuring a ton of great Ames bands. If these videos are any indication, you can expect some amazing things in the future from these high school students who put on an amazing day of music. Here’s one to give you a taste:

Oh, and did we mention Christopher the Conquered is going to be playing the main stage of 80/35 this year, along with Mumford’s and Leslie & the LYs? It’s okay, we had to change our pants after we heard the news, too. They’ll be playing a lot of other shows around the midwest to share the new record with y’all, including a particularly exciting show with We Are The Willows, The Poison Control Center, and The Olsen Twinns at The Nomad in Minneapolis on April 27th!

So get out there and keep on the hunt for reality!

-the MA Crew



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