MA Update: First Look At New CTC Video, Sonic Harvest Compilation, and Tons Of Shows!

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See that? That’s the first glimpse of the new music video coming from Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band. The angels are in the outfield and in the architecture, friends.

Starting today, we are going to be releasing a different still from the upcoming music video from Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band, via Facebook & Twitter, one every couple days. So follow us on one or both of those through the end of the month, which is when the video for “Free To Try (But Not Almost To Do)” will be debuted! The video was directed by Patrick and Ashley Tape Fleming and shot and edited by Josh Becker. We are so excited for you to hear this record.

A few tidbits about the record release:


Ok, very exciting. Moving on.
We are super pumped about one of the most exciting musical collaborations to happen in Iowa in a long time! It’s called Sonic Harvest, and it is a compilation of 30 songs by Iowa artists, completely exclusive to this release! It was planned and recorded by the people at Soundfarm Recording in Jamaica, Iowa, which is a beautiful and excellent recording studio that every band in Iowa should record in at least once! Each of the 30 bands recorded a song at the studio, and the tunes are available exclusively on the Sonic Harvest release, which we are putting out as a digital download in under two weeks! Here’s the full track list, which features a number of Maximum Ames artists:
1. Christopher The Conquered – “Joy To The World! Every Man Is Free!”
2.  Frank Lloyd Tribe – “All It Took”
3. The Man Himself – “Curls”
4. Sean Huston – “Ways To Fall Away”
5. If Ever Was A Fire – “Weight Of Your Smarts”
6. Pocket Aristotle – “I Hate The Pharmacy”
7. The Seed Of Something – “Stomper”
8. Longshadowmen – “Necessities”
9. The Poison Control Center – “Looking Back”
10. S.E.R.F. – “Mama Knows”
11. The New Bodies – “Promises”
12. Mumfords – “SOLD!”
13. Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires – “The Woods”
14. La Strange – “Spotted Creeper”
15. Nuclear Rodeo – “Why Does Everybody Think They’re Better Than Me?”
16. Dustin Smith – “Orphans”
17. The Redemption – “These Things Are Me”
18. Love Songs For Lonely Monsters – “Reputation”
19. DDEP – “Cougars”
20. Volcano Boys – “Little Girl”
21. likefire – “I Will Never”
22. SuperChief – “When The Bear Is Hungry He Will Eat”
23. Lesser Known Saint – “Diaspora”
24. The Chatty Cathys – “What I Was Promised”
25. $NACK$ – “Suburban Punk”
26. Why Make Clocks – “My Secret Service”
27. Utopia Park – “Ghosts”
28. Canby – “Proven Hearts”
29. Cleo’s Apartment – “handy wacks”
30.  Canyons – “Wisconsin”
There is going to be an excellent show to celebrate the release of this compilation at Bombay Bicycle Club in Des Moines on March 24th, featuring Longshadowmen, Christopher the Conquered, Sean Huston, Utopia Park, The New Bodies, and many more! You’ll get into the show and get the download of all 30 tracks for only $5! Otherwise, you’ll be able to get it right here for $10, forever and ever, bray-men. The details for that will be coming very soon, but for now, check out the Sonic Harvest website to get all the information!


Last up for today: Shows. Holy Lord, there are so many shows going on in the next 2 months that feature our artists. It’s good to be alive. One of shows we are most excited for is Gross Domestic Product 2012 at Hotel Fort Des Moines, which is Iowa’s premiere annual celebration of local music. The reason we are particularly ecstatic is because two of our artists are headlining the show! That’s right, Christopher the Conquered & Mumford’s are reppin’ us big time this year, and we know they’ll do us proud! They’ll be joined by some incredible artists and close friends, including Tires, Trouble Lights, Love Songs For Lonely Monsters, and The River Monks. Oh, and on top of all that, it is the Des Moines release party for the new album from Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band. They are planning to have some very special guests at this show. Gonna be great. Here’s the lowdown on that event. Head over to our shows page for details on all the other shows, including the current Mumford’s tour, The Poison Control Center in Fairfield, and Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires playing with Murder By Death!


Ok, let’s end by listening to a song from our very first release, Triple Trinities by Mumford’s!
Love ya ’til we die and beyond,

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