LISTEN: New Gloom Balloon & Christopher the Conquered Songs + LIVE: MAR Goes Global + READ: Best of Iowa Music

November 14, 2014

Take a listen to the new Christopher the Conquered song “What’s the Name of the Town” from his forthcoming live album A Passing Melody (available now digitally outside of the US). Rad vibes to Italian blog Loudvision for premiering it! Christopher will be touring Italy from November 25th to December 21st. Before he leaves, he’ll be doing a free show at the Des Moines Social Club on Thursday, November 20th. The show will be broadcast live on Iowa Public Radio, so you can listen from anywhere in the world! Tune in (or show up to be in the audience) for the show, which goes from 7-8pm. All show dates are on Christopher’s website.


Gloom Balloon just gifted the world with a new track for the hell of it! Cool! This will be released with a number of other songs on a limited edition cassette tape on St. Patrick’s Day 2015.



Now for some reading material. A number of our artists and friends contributed their lists of favorite Iowa albums of all time for the blog Rid of Me. Some of our catalog shows up, too. Smiley face. Check it.

Lastly, Christopher the Conquered has been sharing some thoughts here and there lately, including this new piece on music and community that he wrote for the CityPages up in Minneapolis.

Have a tubular weekend!

LOOK: Gloom Balloon On 4-Track Comp + Christopher the Conquered with a New Song | READ: Pulse on MR NASTI

November 6, 2014

Gloom Balloon is one of a number of Iowa artists featured on The Des Moines 4-Track Compilation Volume 1, with an exclusive track recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder! See the band perform at the release show for this limited edition vinyl this Saturday in Des Moines at Vaudeville Mews.


Christopher the Conquered recently played a few shows with Chicago’s The Hudson Branch, and with a little time off the two paired up for this performance of a song off Christopher’s forthcoming LP, coming in 2015.



MR NASTI just dropped a new album, and people are talking. Read what Pulse Magazine has to say about it and pick up a physical copy to get the full scoop. Oh and go see MR NASTI on tour, right now.


LOOK: MR NASTI Releases “Like A Wild Animal” Music Video via The Vinyl District

October 30, 2014

MR NASTI just released a new album and is hitting the road today, so to celebrate he’s dropped a new music video for the song “Like A Wild Animal” via The Vinyl District. In an interview with the website, MR NASTI says:

“I try not to feel too dependent on objects—I recognize the impermanence of everything, but God damn, my record collection brings me so much joy. It’s a vice that I can feel okay about leaning upon. Putting on a favorite record is a ritual, a ceremony in paying tribute to my idols and the legitimacy and significance of the art they created. It’s important to remember that music is valuable. I am in favor of a move away from the temporary and abstract digital mediums, towards deliberate and physical mediums such as vinyl.

It gives more sweetness and significance to an art form that truly deserves it.”

Read the full interview, then buy the record, then go to the shows.

We out.