PRE-ORDER: Brooks Strause’s ‘Dead Animals’ – Remixed + Remastered + Finally on Vinyl!

January 27, 2015

Brooks Strause is a new addition to the Maximum Ames Records stable of artists, but he is not new to the Iowa music community. Considered by a cult following both locally and nationally to be one of our generation’s most prolific, prescient, and prophetic songwriters, Brooks’ lyrics tells us about our own world in ways that make us question everything. With each release and new song, he digs deeper, but never offers answers. That’s up to you.

Brooks Strause’s classic 2009 album Dead Animals is now available on vinyl for the first time ever, with each track remixed by the artist (2014) and remastered (Focus Mastering, 2014). The LP is packaged with the originally intended artwork (never before printed) and includes a 7″ record featuring four new recordings from Brooks Strause, one original and three covers of songs by legendary underground artists Paleo, All Rattle and Dust, and Beat Strings. Besides the track “A Kiss Is Not A Kiss”, which you can listen to below, the remixed and remastered tracks and cover songs are available only on vinyl. You won’t hear this magic anywhere else.

Pre-order now and we will mail you your copy of Dead Animals straight away! Don’t be like those other music “fans” who are gonna wait until April 7th to get their copy at the “store”. Order it now and be a winner! 

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January 22, 2015

Dead Animals front - edit 2 small (1)

Brooks Strause. Dead Animals. Remixed. Remastered. It will be on vinyl for the first time ever with the artist’s originally intended album art. Pre-order starting January 27, by pre-ordering you get immediate shipping of the record in advance of the release date. First pressing includes a bonus 7″ with exclusive new recordings of some of Brooks Strause favorite cover songs. Tune in next Tuesday to listen to a remixed and remastered track and to find out which covers are on the 7″. Dead Animals will be available April 7, 2015.



The Poison Control Center will be reuniting for one show this weekend! This rare occasion will take place at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines on Saturday at 8 p.m. Also playing will be Derek Lambert & The Prairie Fires, Quick Piss, and Karen Meat & The Computers. Juice also wrote about the show and you can read it here.


Christopher the Conquered recently recorded a live version of his song, “I Lose It,” featuring Anna Gebhardt of Annalibera. Christopher says:

“It’s about a fella who always loses love whenever he finds it, so he decides to make up his own love in stories in his mind, a love he can never lose.”

The song appears on his forthcoming album, I’m Giving Up On Rock and Roll.


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January 14, 2015

Max Ames’ very own Christopher the Conquered and Gloom Balloon will be hitting the road this weekend and have shows in Fairfield and Kirksville. Fairfield’s is located at The Arbor Bar and Kirksville’s will take place at The Aquadome.

Speaking of shows this weekend, Mumford’s and Mr. Nasti will also be performing at The Maintenance Shop. The performance is free and all ages, nothing can get better than that! Check it out here for more information! While you’re at it watch part of Mumford’s performance at their New Years Eve show.

Christopher the Conquered, Derek Lambert, and Brooks Strause will be playing at The Maintenance Shop, next Friday the 23rd. More details can be found here!


Photo by Hear Nebraska’s JP Davis


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