LOOK: MR NASTI Releases “Like A Wild Animal” Music Video via The Vinyl District

October 30, 2014

MR NASTI just released a new album and is hitting the road today, so to celebrate he’s dropped a new music video for the song “Like A Wild Animal” via The Vinyl District. In an interview with the website, MR NASTI says:

“I try not to feel too dependent on objects—I recognize the impermanence of everything, but God damn, my record collection brings me so much joy. It’s a vice that I can feel okay about leaning upon. Putting on a favorite record is a ritual, a ceremony in paying tribute to my idols and the legitimacy and significance of the art they created. It’s important to remember that music is valuable. I am in favor of a move away from the temporary and abstract digital mediums, towards deliberate and physical mediums such as vinyl.

It gives more sweetness and significance to an art form that truly deserves it.”

Read the full interview, then buy the record, then go to the shows.

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READ: Brooks Strause’s Dead Animals Reissue + Iowa Music Online and On Main Street + LIVE: TWINS and Christopher the Conquered Tour + Gloom Balloon Hears Nebraska

October 14, 2014

Dead Animals

For the first time ever, Brooks Strause’s album Dead Animals will be available on vinyl! We’re so honored to add one of our favorite songwriters to our roster, and even more honored that his album represents the first of our Iowa Essentials re-issue series. Remixed, remastered, and lovingly pressed to wax. Why? Cuz it makes us happy and it rules. The package also features the art that Strause originally envisioned and planned for the album, with an entirely new cover, photographs, and liner notes. Pre-orders coming very soon – stay tuned! You can listen to the original version of the album here.


The new Iowa Music Store website is up and running! Check out the updated stock of Iowa music, t-shirts and zines here. In addition to the online store, IMS now also has a physical store, located at our offices at 300 Main Street in Ames. The store also doubles as a concert venue. Head on over to the store’s Facebook page for updates on shows and rad Iowa music stuff you can buy!


Max Ames very own TWINS will be hitting the road for their fall tour, which will take them all across the great Midwest! For the full schedule of the tour, check out their website!                                  


Italy Tour Announce

Speaking of touring, we will be saying ciao to Christopher the Conquered as he heads to Italy in November for a month-long tour! Check on his new site for more details!


Photo by Hear Nebraska

Photo by Hear Nebraska’s JP Davis

Our friends at Hear Nebraska interviewed Patrick Tape Fleming of Gloom Balloon in advance of their show at Lincoln Calling – read it here. Tape Fleming talks about Poison Control Center’s time on the road, his work with Gloom Balloon, and the relationship between Ames and Des Moines.

“I don’t feel like they’re separate scenes. Ames and Des Moines are about a half hour apart. I think bands on tour could do shows in Ames and Des Moines and have different crowds…..That’s really the case for all of Iowa. Everything is so close in Iowa.”

Both Christopher the Conquered and Gloom Balloon performed at Lincoln Calling, a multi-day festival set in the city’s downtown area. The Daily Nebraskan reviewed both shows, too:

“The two kick off their show with a bang. Actually, it’s more like an explosion. They jump off the stage and into the crowd, performing all over the downtown Lincoln bar…..Gloom Balloon isn’t really a show or a concert, it’s an experience.”

Read the article here.

There’s also an in-depth analysis of the Gloom Balloon (which maybe “gets” the project more than anyone has before) and Christopher the Conquered sets right here (much love to the HN cru!).



Lastly, end your time with us by reading this interview that MR NASTI did with Ghettoblaster, then buy his new album already!



READ: Mr. Nasti Shines In Pulse Magazine Review + LIVE: Maximum Ames Music Festival + LISTEN: Gloom Balloon Takes His Pants Off

September 10, 2014

Maximum Ames’ own MR NASTI has a lot of excitement coming your way. Not only is he one of the 100+ acts performing at Maximum Ames Music Festival this month, but he’s got his high anticipated new album Truth Sound coming out on Sept 23rd.  The album features “Always Believe” (which you can watch the video in our previous post) and his latest single “Stand Up Straight,” which premiered on Surviving the Golden Age, describing the single “like Vampire Weekend covering Peter Bjorn & John‘s “Young Folks” except without all the whistling. Truth Sound is available for pre-order in our store which includes an exclusive bonus digital album, Death Rattle, which is an alternate version of the album produced by MR NASTI! Or pre-order on iTunes which is discounted for pre-ordering and 4 songs already available.

Critic John Molseed recently reviewed Truth Sound for Pulse Magazine in Cedar Falls, giving the album glowing remarks: “The newest Maximum Ames Records release, MR NASTI’s “Truth Sound,” is an aural kaleidoscope of synth sounds and beats mixed with a little acoustic instrumentation to add soulful dynamics,” Molsee wrote. “Despite danceable, hooky beats, it’s the lyrics that give this album its genuine emotional wallop.” To read the full review of Truth Sound, click here.

MR NASTI will also be co-headlining a tour with Seth Moore the Band that will hit Missouri, Tennessee, Colorado, Iowa and several other locations across the nation. For a complete listing of dates, check out the event page on Facebook.

Christopher the Conquered
And while we are on the subject of touring, head on over to the new Christopher The Conquered website to see where the next show will be. You can also catch him at Maximum Ames Festival this year at the Cartouche Records Showcase in the soon to be open Iowa Music Store on Sept 28th.


Patrick Tape Fleming of Gloom Balloon sat down for a podcast on Pants OFF. Patrick took the time to talk about a wide range of topics including classic rock, current projects and Ames. Click here to give it a listen and check out other artists featured on the podcast.


We are fastly approaching Maximum Ames Music Festival and we could not be more excited! Over 100 acts will take stage across the Downtown Ames area for our fourth year. From rock and roll to bluegrass to pop music, anyone can find something suited to their unique music tastes. Make sure to check out this year’s  headliners Low, Elephant Revival, William Elliott Whitmore and Sage Francis, as well as our own Gloom Balloon, Twins and Mumford’s. It’s not too late to purchase tickets! Go to maximumames.com and grab yours!

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