PRE-ORDER: Gloom Balloon

February 24, 2015

On March 17th, 2015 (St. Patrick’s Day), Maximum Ames Records will release it’s first ever cassette! The release will be a limited edition cassette titled Songs that Couldn’t Swim (A Collection of Demos) from Gloom Balloon’s Patrick Tape Fleming. The cassette comes with a download card packaged in it! You’ll use this to access your digital version.

The pre-order exclusives include:

Enjoy their music video for “Prettiest Song” and watch Patrick’s head get blown off at 1:07. Also click here to pre-order their cassette.


PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE: Brooks Strause + READ: Gloom Balloon Review + LIVE: Christopher the Conquered

February 18, 2015


Pre-order exclusive: All pre-orders come with a free ticket to every show on Brooks Strause’s spring tour w/ Dana TCurt OrenExtravision, and Dylan Sires & Neighbors. Go to one, two or all of them! Click here to order!

Tour Dates



Gloom Balloon‘s new collection of demos being released on St Patrick’s Day is called The Songs That Couldn’t Swim. had this to say about the collection:

“The great thing about these songs is that there’s no hint of cynicism to them. Even when they do get dark, there’s always a hopefulness to it. Huge wall-of-sound-style songs about being in love and quiet tunes about how fleeting it can be are given equal weight alongside jaunts about music and friendship…I’m glad all these demos are being put out (and calling them demos isn’t quite right because a lot of this sounds complete).”

Click here to read the full review!



Lastly, end your time with us by reading about Christopher the Conquered making the list of best concerts in St. Louis this week. Riverfront Times said this is how people will feel while attending his concert:

Christopher the Conquered will shoot you right in the heart, and then you’ll pull yourself up off of the floor and thank him for his good aim.”

Christopher also has shows in Columbia, MO and Washington, IA this week. Make sure you go check those out!


Look: Brooks Strause Package + Order: Maximum Love Vol. 1

February 5, 2015


The release and reissue of Brooks Strause’s classic 2009 album Dead Animals is now available on vinyl for the first time ever, with each track remixed by the artist (2014) and remastered (Focus Mastering, 2014). The LP is packaged with the originally intended artwork (never before printed) and includes a 7″ record featuring four new recordings from Brooks Strause, one original and three covers of songs by legendary underground artists Paleo, All Rattle and Dust, and The Beat Strings.  The package also includes a digital download card, so you can take Brooks’ music where every you go! Click here to pre-order.


Maximum Love Vol. 1: A Golden Love Affair

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so if you have someone you think you might kinda sorta be in love with and haven’t told them, you might consider trying the gift of Maximum Love Vol. 1: A Golden Love Affair, featuring exclusive recordings from members of Gloom BalloonChristopher the ConqueredH.D. HarmsenMumford’sTrouble LightsDerek Lambert and the Prairie Fires, and more. The digital download is only $5 and makes a great gift! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy it. Yes, you have to buy it. Seriously, it’s only $5.
  2. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email with a download code. That’s yours.
  3. Reply to that email with the email address of who you’d like to receive a second copy. This is called “giving a gift”. You may also include a personal message. This is called “being nice”. You may also opt to remain anonymous. This is called “being creepy” or “taking a chance”, depending on the current relationship between you and your secret crush. We won’t be held responsible for any restraining orders or children that result from your decision. If you are seriously considering the anonymous option, might we suggest going for something called “being bold” and using this as an opportunity to finally tell this person that you love them? You can do it.
  4. Pretty sure that’s it.
  5. Oh, if you order between February 3rd and February 13th, 2015, we’ll deliver the gift copy on Valentine’s Day, first thing in the morning! Isn’t that sweet?
  6. If you really love someone, every day is Valentine’s Day. So yeah, it’s ok to gift this any time of the year!

Click here to purchase it!